Laine tray


The Laine Tray is made of aspen. It is designed for serving biscuits, cakes, fruit – you name it! You can also use it to put your most precious jewellery on display on the beautiful surface. The Laine Tray brings a bit of Scandinavian luxury to your home decoration. The surface structure is inspired by a traditional carving technique. In Finnish, “laine” means a small wave, which is how this tray with a surface reminiscent of ripples and waves in water got its name.

The product is designed and manufactured in Lahti, Finland. Laine Tray is a Muoto2 product designed by Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta. Cardboard for the packaging and the package itself are also manufactured in Lahti.

Styling & Photo:
Even Steven Agenturer, photo by Tobias Sjödin
Jenny André, photo by Patrik Jakobsson
Susanna Kettunen

S 260 x 260 mm
M 390 x 260 mm
L 520 x 260 mm

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Dimensions N/A

L (52cm x 26cm), M (39cm x 26cm), S (26cm x 26cm)